Hi, my name is Fabio D'Auria (with the apostrophe) and I'm a comicbook artist living in Italy.
This is my colorist blog, I started drawing a few years ago and I drew stories for France (Soleil Prod. and Petit à Petit) and for Italy (Sergio Bonelli Editore and Bugs Comics).

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Here in this portfolio you will find some of my work as a colorist done between 2000 and 2014.

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my old and new colorworks for the major international publishers.

At the link below you can download some FREE stuff:

-Portfolio printed in early 2011 in Italian language that includes the two 2010 portfolio (art and color) but adding French and Italian works.
Zipped PDF file - 10MB PORTFOLIO #3.5 2011 Italian

-Portfolio printed in fall 2010 in the English language that contains sample pages and illustrations drawn by me. 

Zipped PDF file - 6MB  PORTFOLIO #3 ART 2010 English

-Portfolio printed in fall 2010 in the English language that contains my first year working for Marvel Comics. 

Zipped PDF file - 12MB PORTFOLIO #3 COLOR 2010 English